The Monster Team- Productive and Meticulous Vector Bundle

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The Monster Team- Productive and Meticulous

Meet the productive, meticulous, and cute Monster Team. They are blue and purple, they play and work. Move, Organize, Clean, and build, there’s nothing the Monster Team cannot do. Get the cute Monster Team to work wonders on your presentations and projects and set the road to perfection.

What’s Inside?

  1. Monster is cleaning the floor with a mopping.
  2. Monster is getting an electric shock from the wire.
  3. Monster is giving water to the flower plants.
  4. Monster is going for a walk with a dog.
  5. Monster is happy and celebrating party.
  6. Monster is holding a box in hands.
  7. Monster is holding baby monster in hands.
  8. Monster is holding blanket and packet in hand.
  9. Monster is holding briefcase and wrench in hand.
  10. Monster is holding a calculator and paper in hands.
  11. Monster is holding paper in hand and wearing an engineer cap.
  12. Monster is holding the spanner wrench.
  13. Monster is holding the tray of wine and glass.
  14. Monster is holding a wrench and bag in hand.
  15. Monster is playing with another monster.
  16. Monster is pushing a trolley of books.
  17. Monster is riding the scooter.
  18. Monster is sitting on a pool chair and working on a laptop.
  19. Monster is teaching on a blackboard.
  20. Monster is wearing a chef cap and holding a cloche plate in hand.
  21. Monster is wearing a graduation cap and holding a book in hand.
  22. Monster is with a color brush and bucket.
  23. Monster is with a drilling machine and making a wooden box.
  24. Monster is working on a computer.

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