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Parisha Indian Kashmiri Woman

Meet Parisha, the woman from Kashmir, she is versatile, good at the things she does, is very dependable. In her spare time, she likes to ride through the green valleys on her scooter and occasionally likes shopping. Add the Kashmiri woman to your projects and presentations and make the best use of versatility along with fun.

What’s Inside?

  1. Kashmiri woman doing embroidery on cloth.
  2. Kashmiri woman greeting with salam.
  3. Kashmiri woman holding flower bouquet in hands.
  4. Kashmiri woman holding fruits in basket.
  5. Kashmiri woman holding gift boxes in hands.
  6. Kashmiri woman holding shopping bags in hands.
  7. Kashmiri woman holding snacks plate in hands.
  8. Kashmiri woman is riding scooty.
  9. Kashmiri woman saluting to indian flag.
  10. Kashmiri woman showing mobile phone in hand.
  11. Kashmiri woman showing whiteboard in hands.
  12. Kashmiri woman standing with folded hands.
  13. Kashmiri woman standing with her husband.
  14. Kashmiri woman standing with smiling face.
  15. Kashmiri woman wearing headphones and holding mobile phone.
  16. Kashmiri woman working on laptop.

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