Panda Thang- One Man Army Vector Bundle

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Panda Thang- One Man Army

This Panda never sits still. He works out, he goes fishing, he dresses up as a ninja, and loves listening to music. There’s nothing that Panda cannot do. Aside from being cool he’s just adorable, but no one messes with the Panda. Get Panda to express your cool and confident side in your projects and presentations.

What’s Inside?

  1. Panda holding trident and fire in hand.
  2. Panda is angry and eating leaves.
  3. Panda is angry and showing a middle finger.
  4. Panda is annoyed.
  5. Panda is eating bamboo sticks.
  6. Panda is exercising with a dumbbell.
  7. Panda is fishing.
  8. Panda is holding a heart in hand.
  9. Panda is holding a balloon in hand and wearing a birthday cap.
  10. Panda is confused.
  11. Panda is dressed as a ninja.
  12. Panda is holding briefcase and bamboo sticks in hands.
  13. Panda is holding feeding bottle in hands.
  14. Panda is holding a love note banner in hand.
  15. Panda is in the bamboo sticks bag.
  16. Panda is playing with a bamboo stick.
  17. Panda is scared.
  18. Panda is sitting in the basket and in the water.
  19. Panda is wearing a hat and walking with bag.
  20. Panda is wearing headphones and showing thumbs up.
  21. Panda is wearing sunglasses, chain, and showing rocking sign.
  22. Panda is working on the laptop.

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