Jasleen The Great Punjabi Girl Vector Bundle

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Jasleen The Great Punjabi Girl

Jasleen is a lively Indian punjabi girl, known for her bright smile and strong determination. She values her culture and traditions. She wears colorful salwar kameez and also wears bangles on her hands. She is a great mix of tradition and modern thinking. The different poses of this Indian female vector can be used in your projects.

What’s Inside?

  1. Punjabi girl is applying lipstick.
  2. Punjabi girl is applying nail paint.
  3. Punjabi girl is dancing.
  4. Punjabi girl is driving a scooter.
  5. Punjabi girl is holding a mirror and doing makeup.
  6. Punjabi girl is rolling his hair flicks with the finger.
  7. Punjabi girl is showing a laptop.
  8. Punjabi girl is showing her bangles.
  9. Punjabi girl is swinging on the swing.
  10. Punjabi girl is taking selfies on the mobile.
  11. Punjabi girl is talking on a mobile phone.
  12. Punjabi girl is thinking about a boy.
  13. Punjabi girl is watching herself in the mirror.
  14. Punjabi girl is waving hand.
  15. Punjabi girl is wearing sunglasses.
  16. Punjabi girl is with an idea.

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