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Jagath – Indian Tamil Man

Here is Jagath, Tamil Man. He is a happy man who is very smart and finds solutions for all problems. So what are you waiting for? See if Jagath can solve your problem too.

What’s Inside?

  1. Indian Tamil family is cooking food at the Pongal festival.
  2. Indian Tamil man is announcing on the megaphone.
  3. Indian Tamil man is confused.
  4. Indian Tamil man is dancing.
  5. Indian Tamil man is drinking coconut water.
  6. Indian Tamil man is eating food on a banana leaf.
  7. Indian Tamil man is giving food to a cow.
  8. Indian Tamil man is holding a sweets plate in his hands.
  9. Indian Tamil man is holding an empty board.
  10. Indian Tamil man is holding atm card in one hand and holding money in another hand.
  11. Indian Tamil man is holding shopping bags in his hands.
  12. Indian Tamil man is playing the drum.
  13. Indian Tamil man is showing thumbs up and holding shopping bags.
  14. Indian Tamil man is standing in a boat and holding a fishing net in his hands.
  15. Indian Tamil man is wearing a microphone headset.
  16. Indian Tamil man is working on a laptop.

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