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Dhumketu – The Gyani Chacha

Dhumketu – The Gyani Chacha is an old man who wears a white kurta and pajama. He wears big round spectacles and has a stick in his hands. He is an intelligent and wise man who always has instant solutions for all the problems. Reach out to him for your project work.

What’s Inside?

  1. Indian old man is cleaning the frame of his spectacles with a cloth.
  2. Indian old man is happy and holding a stick in his hand.
  3. Indian old man is having lunch.
  4. Indian old man is holding a stick in his hand.
  5. Indian old man is pointing his finger.
  6. Indian old man is purchasing fruits & vegetables from a street stall.
  7. Indian old man is showing his mobile phone.
  8. Indian old man is sitting under a tree and thinking something.
  9. Indian old man is sleeping on a woven bed.
  10. Indian old man is standing with greet hands.
  11. Indian old man is talking on the phone.
  12. Indian old man is talking with two ladies and hearing their problems.
  13. Indian old man is with an idea.
  14. Indian old man is working on a laptop.
  15. Indian old man is writing something in his diary.
  16. Indian old man is yawning.

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