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Bhavika The Beautiful Housewife

Here is Bhavika, The beautiful Indian housewife, and the real hero. She is a dedicated homemaker and the heart and soul of her household. She plays the most vital role and works wholeheartedly without a single day off. She is a skillful woman who knows how to make your presentations and projects successful.

What’s Inside?

  1. Indian housewife is holding a dumbbell.
  2. Indian housewife is angry.
  3. Indian housewife is doing makeup.
  4. Indian housewife is drinking water with a bottle.
  5. Indian housewife is holding money in hand.
  6. Indian housewife is holding a rolling pin in hand.
  7. Indian housewife making food in the kitchen.
  8. Indian housewife is sad.
  9. Indian housewife is showing thumbs up.
  10. Indian housewife is sitting on the sofa and watching TV.
  11. Indian housewife is standing in a yoga pose.
  12. Indian housewife wearing a surgical mask and holding a lamp in hand.
  13. Indian housewife is feeling tired.
  14. Indian housewife wearing high heels.
  15. Indian housewife is wearing the mask.
  16. Indian housewife wearing surgical mask and holding plate and spoon in hands.

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